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Sunday, August 29, 2010



The refreshing rush of a waterfall in a nameless creek where luminous blue and red dragonflies hover in the sun, is an irresistible attraction while hiking on an Algonquin trail - a good spot to sit, have a drink and cool off your feet. As sunlight filters through the leafy canopy, the sounds of water rippling over stones, rushing around and over boulders, tumbling over waterfalls into small pools that immediately scurry to the next location down the creek, create the voiceless whispers of summer friendly woods.

As the crystal waters of Sunfish Creek cascade over, under, between and through boulders and pebbles, exposing the rugged beauty of the Pre-Cambrian Shield landscape like a knife carving through flesh, the raw untouched magnificence of the scene is embedded in your psyche. 

This image has to be painted!

Sunfish Creek is a summer landscape painting by contemporary landscape artist, Hanne Lore Koehler. Buy direct from artist studio and save. Inquire about the availability and price of this original painting or a price for painting an unforgettable scene in your personal photograph collection. Commission your own original watercolor, oil on canvas or acrylic painting or wall mural of your favorite photograph of a summer landscape taken anywhere in the world. We have worldwide delivery. International clients welcome! Satisfaction guaranteed.