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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt


On the surface, my still life paintings are of seemingly ordinary objects but they often represent deeper thoughts and events. In "Beyond The Shadow of a Doubt", the question of innocence vs. guilt is weighed. Three ravaged books, respectively titled, "Duty", "Justice", and "Truth" symbolically support the "scales of justice". In the shadows on the left is a sealed jug of 86% proof Irish Whiskey expounding the motto: "Give every man his due". This not only represents my personal opinion but brings to mind the old adage that truth lies in the bottle.

A fallen leaf which has slipped into the scene through an open window casts a shadow, the flicker of doubt on the scene. This visual metaphor is among many hidden in the painting. The title of the piece and the open window invite us to look beyond the obvious in search of the truth.

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