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Monday, September 6, 2010


Original image size: 22" x 30
Framed to size: 32" x 40
Original painting was commissioned.

I took many photos of this mare with her foal at the request of my client. Back at my studio, I chose the one I liked best to work from. I liked the position of the horses and painted them as they were in the photo but the background is from my imagination.

Advances in today's digital technology have made it economically feasible to take many photos of your pet from different angles, distances and lighting. With the marvelous invention of the camera, it is no longer necessary for artists to expect their subjects to sit still for long, exhausting periods of time posing for a formal, rigid, unrealistic portrait. With the aid of modern technology, today's artist can paint action-packed detailed images from photographs to produce contemporary realistic and exciting portraits. A candid photo of your pet would make it possible for an artist to create a detailed action painting in watercolor, oil or acrylic paint without restraining the animal. If you do not have a photo of your pet to use as reference to create a detailed action painting, I will be happy to take photos for you. I welcome your inquiry into the commission of an original watercolor portrait, oil  painting or acrylic painting of your champion.

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