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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olympic Swimming Painting


This synchronized swimming painting was commissioned by the Verbiski family as a way to raise money for synchronized swimming clubs throughout Canada and the United States from sale of the prints. Preparation for this painting put the girls of the synchro swim club through a grueling two-hour training session in which they were under water most of the time. We had a camera set up under water and one above at approximately the same angle and distance from the action. On the coach's signal, the routine would begin and the camera shots were synchronized with the action. We had a laptop on site and uploaded the photos to see how well they combined. After dozens and dozens of performances of this routine and synchronized camera shots in our efforts to get the perfect composition, the girls were exhausted and began to wilt.

The girls were terrific, never complained and clearly loved what they were doing. I realized that the perfect photograph was just not going to happen, however, there were plenty of photos to work from. In the end, back in my studio, I combined different elements of two underwater shots and three above water in order to create this composition. The impressionistic background is entirely from my imagination.

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