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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canadian Autumn Landscape Painting


Painting of Autumn Reflections in a Lake

Original image size: 16" x 30"
Framed to size: 26" x 40"
Original painting is sold 
Prints in various sizes and styles are available  
I think there must be an Echo Rock in almost every Lake in Cottage Country - a place where you cannot resist calling out "Hello-o-o!" and miraculously, someone always answers! This Echo Rock happened to be in a lovely winding Haliburton Highlands Lake called Lake Kashagawigamog. (Try to say THAT fast!) This colorful fall landscape watercolor painting is a typical view in northern Ontario cottage country. A near north autumn landscape scene like this can be found in Muskoka, Haliburton, Bracebridge, Huntsville, Temagami, Perry Sound and Algonquin wilderness.

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