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Monday, August 13, 2012

Painting of Children on Tire Swing


 Painting of children playing on a Tire Swing

Original image size: 15" x 22"
Framed to size: 25" x 32"
Price of Original Painting: $2,000.00
Price of prints (variety of styles and sizes)

This is the best use of chains ever invented! When composing a portrait, I prefer to have the child in his/her favorite environment as opposed to a formal living room setting. When the child is relaxed and happy you can capture a more natural posture and cheerful expression. 

Like most of my children's action paintings, this is a hand-painted portrait from photo. To be clear, I only use photographs as reference material for my original paintings, often producing detailed pencil drawings on the canvas before I paint. My portraits are hand-painted original paintings done by looking at a photograph of the subject as if the subject were sitting in my studio. They are NOT painted over top of a mechanically reproduced photograph.

I welcome your inquiry into the commission of an original action watercolor portrait, oil painting or acrylic action painting of your own child or grandchildren playing. Koehler action paintings of children in wall murals are in GALLERY 21. There are more action paintings of children in Koehler storybook illustrations.