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Monday, August 20, 2012

Painting of Children Playing in Treehouse


Painting of Boys Building a Tree House

Original image size: 22" x 15"
Framed to size: 32" x 25"
Price of Original Painting: $1500.00

A tree house is a magical place where imagination can flourish. A simple timber structure becomes a fort - the first line of defense against marauding pirates. Building it was as much fun for Papa as for the children, bringing back misty memories of his own childhood and creating a bond with his grandsons to last a lifetime.

Contemporary action paintings can easily be captured in natural composition with the aid of photography. Today's digital photography makes it feasible for an artist to take hundreds of shots of a particular action in different settings under different lighting conditions. Even given hundreds of choices of which action to paint, 99% of the time I will still combine elements from at least two or more photos to produce the effect that I am looking for. Often I find the children in action perfect in one photo, the light fantastic in another, the dangling shoelace amazing in a third, the windswept hair awesome in a forth. The challenge is to combine all of these elements into one painting, making it look natural, realistic and exciting. A child's portrait can be lively and exciting when incorporating realistic features with impressionistic elements.