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Monday, April 1, 2013

PLAY BALL!!! Opening Day!



Original image size: 14" x 17"
Framed to size: 22" x 25"
Price of Original Watercolor Painting: $900.00 
Price of Prints varies with size and style

I painted this composite sports action watercolor sketch using individual photos for each figure as a reference. The entire painting was completed in a couple of hours. I first arranged the figures in a pleasing composition and completed a light pencil sketch on the watercolor paper to guide me in determining which areas of the paper would be left untouched and which would be painted. When it came to painting this image of a Toronto Blue Jays fielder in motion, I wanted to show the fast action of the player by working quickly with the watercolor, using plenty of water and splashing freely to suggest a sense of speed, fun and freedom in the action. 

By overlapping the figures creating a transparent effect, the action appears to flow from one figure to the next making it look like one figure captured in slow motion time lapse photography. This watercolor sketch is only intended to show the spirit of the game and does not represent any particular player of the Major League Baseball MLB team.