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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Creek In The Woods Painting



Original image size: 22" x 30"
Framed to size: 32" x 40"
This original watercolor painting is sold.
Prints are available in various sizes and styles to suit every budget.

The sounds of water rippling over stones, rushing around and over boulders, tumbling over waterfalls into small pools that immediately scurry to the next location down the creek, create the voiceless whispers of summer friendly woods. My painting of this woodland creek scene was, for me, spiritually uplifting. My wild watercolor splashes to create an impressionistic forest were exhilarating. As I added each new layer of deeper shades of colored splashes, the woods began to take shape. I added tree trunks and branches strategic to the composition. The rocks, creek and waterfall were detailed with a combination of wet and dry brushwork to complete the painting.

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