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Friday, May 1, 2015

Bluenose II Sunrise


I have just completed this painting of Canada's famous schooner, Bluenose II as a fire red sunrise sets the East Coast Lunenburg Nova Scotia harbour horizon ablaze  This detailed oil on canvas 48" x 36" took me many weeks to complete. The painting continues around on the 2" museum wrapped edges so that it can be hung without a frame to suit your contemporary decor or it can be framed with a traditional frame.

Prints are available as art prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints,metal prints and art cards.

I took many photos of Canada's famous schooner Bluenose II as she was docked in Lunenburg Harbour, Nova Scotia in February of 1989; however, none of the photos seemed to have the angle or light to inspire me to paint this beautiful tall ship. A year or two later in the summer, it was among many of the tall ships came to Toronto Harbour where I took more photos but the day was dull and light was not what I was looking for. I painted this painting of Bluenose II in April 2015 using one of my Toronto Harbour photos as reference; however, I painted the Atlantic ocean sunrise background and misty morning foreground from my imagination. This meant I had to adjust the light on the boat to suit the light source in my painting. The light in my photo was ordinary dull daylight from above. The light in my painting comes from the low sun on the horizon and its reflections in clouds and water which meant that the light on the ship would have to come from below. The light on this ship is based on my experience and painted entirely from my imagination.