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Thursday, September 24, 2015

University Professor Portrait


Oil On Canvas Portrait

University Professor Portrait: 20" x 24" 

My oil on canvas portrait of Professor McKeegan is displayed in the new B.Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences on the campus of Niagara University in Lewiston, New York (near Buffalo, NY). Professor McKeegan was a faculty member of the Biology Department for 42 years. The painting was commissioned by his son and daughter who sent me a number of photos to use as reference which they felt captured the essence of his personality, while at the same time provided suitable detail on which to base a portrait painting. The painting required that he be attired in his university alma mater robe. They also provided separate photos of the robe, crest and medal.

After studying all the photos, I got the impression that Professor McKeegan was a dynamic bright lively character who cared about his students, expressed his own opinions without offending and had amazing charisma and charm. He looked very distinguished yet he had that mischievous twinkle in his eye and warm genuine smile that defined his remarkable personality. His hair is fantastic in one of the reference photos I used for this portrait and gives him that look of Albert Einstein brilliance that I felt would distinguish his portrait from the rest and leave a memorable impression.

I wanted my unconventional portrait style to convey his extraordinary character, personality and individuality. I hope you find that my vibrant contemporary style adds life to this memorial portrait and stands out from the rigid stoic portraits one normally finds in a university portrait gallery.